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The following list of articles have been written by Alan or are about Alan and his work. If you know of an article that should be listed here and isn't, please email with the details at

  • Alan Davies gives the lowdown on stand-up comedy Saturday 16 July 2011
    Kettle, James
    With the launch of ITV1's new comedy talent show Show Me The Funny, Alan Davies talks to James Kettle about stand-up
  • Brief encounter
    Radio Times 1 - 7 October 2005
    Wilson, Benji
    p 20 : ill
    A quick question and answer session with Alan regarding his two new shows coming out this week, a second series of The Brief and QI.
  • Alan Davies: My Life In Media
    The Independent 26 September 2005
    Unknown author
    A quick question and answer session with Alan
  • Firestarter, our glowing prodigy
    The Game supplement of The Times 2 February 2004
    Davies, Alan
    p.6 : ill
    Alan Davies talks about the new arrival at Arsenal Football club, and why he's happy about it.
  • Creek's Al thinks Saffy is Ab Fab
    Daily Mirror, 28 January 2002
    3am section
    p 23 : ill
    The 3am girls reveal the blossoming relationship between Julia Sawalha and Alan.
  • Short cut to success
    OK! TV Guide, 23 June 2000
    Maloney, Jim
    p 66-67 : ill
    Alan is asked about his new series, Standup with Alan Davies as well as Jonathan Creek, his first gig, his new hair cut and girlfriend Kirsten.
  • At times I felt close to collapse
    The Daily Telegraph, 21 June 2000
    D'Souza, Christa
    p.21 : ill
    Alan talks about his new series Standup with Alan Davies and about his girlfriend Kirsten O'Brien as well as his workload - he's a busy man you know!Note to view the full text of this article, click the link for the Daily Telegraph above and do a search for the headline on the date given above.
  • Hair-raising stories
    The Look (The Mirror's free TV supplement) 17 - 23 June 2000
    Hagan, Angela
    p 19 : ill
    Alan talks about some of his encounters with fan, which aren't always welcome.
  • Essex Symbol
    Daily Express Saturday Magazine - circa 2000
    Dessau, Bruce
    p.30-32 : ill
    Alan talks briefly about his old school, his career, and future projects he maybe doing.
  • Alan lifts lid on laughs
    News of the World Sunday TV Magazine - 17 - 23 June 2000
    Eden, Jenny
    p.9 : ill
    A short piece about Alan's series Stand Up with Alan Davies.
  • Eurovision girl in dig at Creek star
    The Mirror Saturday 19 February 2000
    Sayid, Ruki
    p.12-13 : ill
    Alan's ex-girlfriend Catherine Porter tells the Mirror about her entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. The song is called Crazy and she claims it's about Alan! Includes the lyrics to the song.
  • I know I'm no Ian McKellen
    Cable Guide - January 2000
    Unknown Author
    p.2-3 : ill
    Alan talks about his role in Jonathan Creek, and how it's improved his stand-up career!
  • The Big Laugh
    The Times 16 January 2000 (metro section)
    Billen, Stephanie
    A short review of Alan's stand-up act.
  • This comedy game is no laughing matter
    The Look (The Mirror's free TV supplement) 27 November 1999
    Grant, Clare
    p 4-5 : ill
    Alan talks about the stress of being famous, and how he's going to be taking a break for a few months next year. Also talks a bit about his days at school etc.
  • If I just wanted fame I'd kiss Prince Charles
    TV Times (27 November - 3 December 1999)
    Francis, Pam
    p 10-12 : ill
    Part of the Pam Francis Interview series. Alan talks about his love life and Jonathan Creek. Also touches on Caroline's pregnancy as well as some other TV projects he's been doing.
  • Capital Questions - Alan Davies
    Metro London 17 November 1999
    Moore, Victoria
    p 10 : ill
    A short question and answer session with Alan Davies.
  • He put a spell on you
    Time Out No. 1522 (20 - 27 October 1999)
    Dessau, Bruce
    p 18-21 : ill
    Part of The Time Out Interview series. Nice witty piece, with some great pictures!
  • Alan Davies Interview
    Parkinson (Television show) 29 January 1999
    Parkinson, Michael + Alan Davies
    This is a transcript of a television interview Alan gave, which is hosted on the The Jonathan Creek Homepage. To get back to this site after reading the transcript, use your browser back button.
  • It's good news Creek
    Evening Mail Thursday 24 December 1998
    Young, Graham
    p 1 (of the 4 page "Switch On" guide) : ill
    An article about Alan with a brief look at his life to date. Touching on where he went to school, and his girlfriend Catherine Porter.
  • TV Comic says he'd baldly go
    The Daily Mirror Friday 13 March 1998
    Not sure who the author is, if you know drop me an e-mail!
    p 15 : ill
    A short piece, telling how Alan Davies would only go bald on one condition. Part of Matthew Wright's column.
  • There are two types of Comedian, those in suits and those in Jeans, I'm still in jeans.
    Radio Times 7 - 13 February 1998
    Duncan, Andrew
    p 14-18 : ill
    Part of the "People" section in the Radio Times. Takes a look at Alan Davies past and present, including his girlfriend Catherine Porter, the death of his mother, Jonathan Creek and his stand up career.
  • My love life was up the Creek!
    TV Times, 31 January - 6 February 1998
    Francis, Pam
    p 8-9 : ill
    An interview with Alan Davies, which touches on Jonathan Creek, his new girlfriend Catherine Porter, and his new found sex-symbol status.