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12 August 2012

Alan's new tour comes to the UK

Alan Davies

Alan's Life is pain stand up show stormed Australia in 2011, and in 2012 it will finally come to the UK.

"A well-rounded and hilarious show...a wonderful return to stand-up from Davies" Chortle (Australia & NZ)

Dates and venues

  • 9-14 August 2012 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Venue 150 at EICC, 19:40Hrs - book tickets
  • 13 September 2012 - Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells, 19:30hrs - Book tickets
  • 15 September 2012 - Jersey Opera House, St Helier, 20:30hrs - Book tickets
  • 18 September 2012 - Palace Theatre, Manchester, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 22 September 2012 - Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 23 September 2012 - Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 27 September 2012 - New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 28 September 2012 - New Theatre Oxford, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 29 September 2012 - Wycombe Swan Theatre, High Wycombe, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 2 October 2012 - Orchard Theatre, Dartford, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 4 October 2012 - Bournemouth Pavilion, Bournemouth, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 5 October 2012 - Hexagon Theatre, Reading, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 7 October 2012 - Milton Keynes Theatre, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 11 October 2012 - Victoria Hall, Stoke-On-Trent, 19:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 12 October 2012 - Palace, Newark, 20:30hrs - Book tickets
  • 13 October 2012 - Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield, 20:30hrs - Book tickets
  • 18 October 2012 - Glasgow Pavilion, 19:30hrs - Book tickets
  • 19 October 2012 - Aberdeen Music Hall, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 20 October 2012 - Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 25 October 2012 - King George's Hall, Blackburn, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 26 October 2012 - Carlisle Sands Centre, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 27 October 2012 - Newcastle City Hall, 19:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 3 November 2012 - Southend Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-On-Sea, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 4 November 2012 - Richmond Theatre, London, 19:30hrs - Book tickets
  • 6 November 2012 - Cambridge Corn Exchange, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 11 November 2012 - Anvil, Basingstoke, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 12 November 2012 - Hackney Empire, London, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 14 November 2012 - White Rock Theatre, Hastings, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 16 November 2012 - Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 18 November 2012 - New Victoria Theatre, Woking, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 22 November 2012 - Central Theatre, Chatham, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 23 November 2012 - Salisbury City Hall, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 24 November 2012 - Portsmouth Guildhall, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 25 November 2012 - Colston Hall, Bristol, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 29 November 2012 - Royal and Derngate, Northampton, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 30 November 2012 - Victoria Theatre, Halifax, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 1 December 2012 - Opera House, Buxton, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 2 December 2012 - Cheltenham Town Hall, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 3 December 2012 - Dorking Halls, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 6 December 2012 - G Live, Guildford, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 7 December 2012 - Alban Arena, St Albans, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 14 December 2012 - Ipswich Regent Theatre, 20:00hrs - Book tickets
  • 16 December 2012 - Brighton Dome, 20:00hrs - Book tickets

9 August 2011

Alan to tour in Australia

Alan Davies

Alan makes a long awaited return to stand up comedy with his Life is pain tour in Australia.

Dates and venues

QI comes to Australia

QI in australia promotional image taken from the website

QI is going on the road down under with a tour of Australia. The ten-date tour will consist of 12 performances, and will take in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Stephen Fry and Alan Davies will be there along with a host of top Australian talent (names to be announced).

Dates and venues

  • 20 and 23 October 2011 - Perth Burswood Theatre
    There will be two performances on the 23 October.
  • 25-29 October 2011 - Melbourne Her Majestys Theatre
    There will be two performances on the 29 October.
  • 31 October - 2 November 2011 - Brisbane Concert Hall

There are various sites selling tickets, but here are a few I've found to point you in the right direction. It does look like it will be an expensive trip for anyone who wants to go though. I see some tickets range from $125 to $495!

There is no word on a possible similar tour of the UK.

29 June 2009

Alan's new TV show commissioned for series

Alan recently finished filming a new pilot for BBC2 called Whites, written by Aussie comic Matt King and Oliver Lansley.

It's now been confirmed that the show has been picked up for 6 x 30 minute-episode series to be filmed in 2010.

The cast includes Pam Ferris as Steph, Darren Boyd as Bib, Steven Wight as Skoose and Alan plays Roland White who is head chef of his own restaurant, Whites.

25 May 2009

More on Alan's book

Alan's new book My Favourite People and Me 1978-1988 is an autobiographical look at the 80s. There are forty-four people covered in the book, four from each year. People covered range from Neil Kinnock to John McEnroe and Sophocles!

Alan will also be writing a novel after he has finished this book. Also to be published by Penguin. No word on the plot of this one yet, so let me know if you hear anything!

16 May 2009

New Jonathan Creek for Easter 2010

David Renwick has confirm that a new 90-minute special will be made this autumn for broadcast next year. The episode is called The Judas Tree, and will again star Sheridan Smith as Joey Ross along side Alan. David Renwick will also direct again, having caught the bug with the previous special, The Grinning Man.

No details on the plot yet, but watch this space!

Alan films new pilot for BBC2

Alan has recently finished filming a new pilot for BBC2 called Whites. It's written by Aussie comic Matt King and Oliver Lansley.

The cast includes Pam Ferris as Steph, Darren Boyd as Bib, Steven Wight as Skoose and Alan plays Roland White who is head chef of his own restaurant, Whites.

The pilot was filmed in Cardiff and hopes are that it will be picked up for a full series.

Alan's book due September 2009

Alan is writing a book called My Favourite People 1978-1988. No details about it yet, as it's still being written, but it's due to be published on 3 September 2009.

You can pre order the book on

17 February 2008

New episode of Jonathan Creek planned

I've heard from David Renwick that he is planning on writing a 90-minute Christmas special, which if all goes well will be filmed in the summer of 2008. It's been five years since we've seen Alan don the now famous Jonathan Creek duffle coat, and the BBC is quite excited by all accounts - so watch this space!

Hotel Babylon

Alan is playing a celebrity chef called Otto Clark in two episodes of the new series of Hotel Babylon. The first episode he's in looks like it will air on 26 February 2008 on BBC1.

4 August 2007

Alan update

A quick update on what Alan is doing at the moment. Some have asked if he will be at the Fringe festival this year. The answer is no. Alan is currently filming a guest spot on the series Hotel Babylon. He will be playing a celebrity chef called Otto Clark and will be in two episodes.

28 January 2007

Thank you

I just wanted to say a personal thank you to all those who bid on the signed videos that Alan gave me to auction off for charity. Whether you were successful or not, you helped us raise £212 for the Shooting Star Children's Hospice.



14 May 2006

Alan's Charity auction

In association with we are holding a series of charity auctions to raise money for The Shooting Star Children's Hospice.

At a recent QI filming I went to Alan's dressing room (dead posh!) where he kindly gave me some old videos he had of Jonathan Creek episodes. They are the tapes Alan received from the BBC before the show aired on UK television. He has signed them all, and they are still in their original BBC cases. I haven't watched them, so they are in the same condition as Alan gave me.

The final tape is up for auction. You have raised £181.50 so far - so please dig deep and let's see if we can make it £200!

An image of the 1998 Christmas special - The Black Canary - tape on auction at the moment
  • Season 2, Episode 1, Danse Macbre - Sold for £31
  • Season 2, Episode 2, Time waits for Norman - Sold for £21
  • Season 2, Episode 3, The Scented Room - Sold for £26
  • Season 2, Episode 4, The problem at Gallows Gate part I - Sold for £11.50
  • Season 2, Episode 5, The problem at Gallows Gate part II - Sold for £7.50
  • Season 2, Episode 6, Mother Red Cap - Sold for £16
  • Season 4, Episode 1, The Coonskin Cap - Sold for £7.50
  • Season 4, Episode 2, Angel Hair - Sold for £11.50
  • Season 4, Episode 3, The Tailor's Dummy - Sold for £13.50
  • Season 4, Episode 5, The Chequered Box - Sold for £12.50
  • Season 4, Episode 6, Gorgon's Wood - Sold for £23.50
  • Christmas Special, Black Canary - Sold for £31

28 March 2006

Alan quits The Brief

Alan has confirmed that he decided not to continue in the role of Henry Farmer in The Brief over Christmas 2005.

The Daily Mirror has reported that The Brief was scrapped due to Alan refusing to film when Arsenal were playing. This is not true! Alan says, "I never had a row with them about that and in fact Chris Burt (the producer) was very accommodating about my Arsenal obsession!"

QI returns

The new series of QI is due to start recording in April and May 2006. Alan will once again be a regular captain with the host Stephen Fry.

Update!: Here are the recording dates for QI this year!

  • April - 19, 24, 25, 28
  • May - 2, 3, 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, 23, and 24

If you fancy a shot at tickets - try the website.

No word yet on when these episodes will be broadcast.

Find out more: About QI by visiting the QI website at

Alan joins Sporting Relief

Alan will also be filming a special edition of A question of Sport as part of the Sport Relief fund raising event. The host for this special will be Stephen Fry - reuniting the QI partnership. This episode is due to be filmed in April 2006.

Sport Relief will take place on 15 July 2006, so expect the show to be shown around then.

Find out more: About Comic Relief and Sport Relief by visiting their website at

28 September 2005

Alan's back on TV

Alan will be back on your telly from this Friday 30 September 2005 on BBC2 at 22:00hrs in a new series of QI. This being the third series of the show, hosted by Stephen Fry, all the questions have something to do with the letter "C".

Alan will also be seen in the second series of The Brief which starts on 7th October 2005 on ITV1 on 21:00hrs.

17 May 2005

Alan and Bill are new Odd Couple

Alan Davies and Bill Bailey will be taking on the roles made famous by Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau when they star in the Odd Couple for a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. Alan will be playing Felix, and Bill Bailey will be playing Oscar.

Dates: 5 - 29 August 2005 (note, there is no performance on the 15 August)

Venue: The Assembly Hall

Website: For more information about the Fringe festival, visit their website at,

20 December 2004

See Alan on telly over Xmas and new year

QI Xmas special is on BBC2 at 22:25hrs on Boxing Day.

Roman Road, the comedy drama Alan has made with John Gordon-Sinclair goes out on ITV1 on new year's eve at 21:00 hrs GMT.

The second series of The Brief is due to start filming from the 10th January until 9th April 2005. After which a new series of QI will hopefully be filmed.

13 August 2004

Alan Davies is a busy man!

Jonathan Creek may have finished for the moment, but Alan Davies does not rest! He has a full calendar of work ahead continuing successful shows, and also branching out to new ones. He has no plans to do any stand up at the moment though.

In August Alan will be recording a radio play called "About A Dog" written by Graeme Garden. He will be playing the dog, Jack. It will be recording from 23 - 25 August 2004, but sadly not in front of a live audience. It should be broadcast in the Autumn this year.

After this Alan is off for a six week shoot to record "Roman Road" a one off 90 minute drama for ITV. He will star along side John Gordon Sinclair as two blokes who walk the Roman Road from Chichester to London. Alan's character is hotly pursued all the way! The drama was written by Kirkam Jackson and will be produced by Zenith productions, under the direction of Paul Seed. Not sure when this one is due to air yet.

In the autumn a second series of QI, in which Alan is the only regular panelist for the "Quite Interesting" game show hosted by Stephen Fry, will air. Interestingly enough the Christmas special was recorded back in March this year!

Come November Alan will be filming season two of "The Brief". There will be four episodes this time round and should finish filming in the new year.

As if this wasn't enough, Alan finds time to write a fortnightly column, "The Game" in the pull-out section of the Times newspaper on Mondays.

16 April 2004

Alan Davies new series

Alan Davies is currently doing the chat show round to promote his new series The Brief.

Carlton are pitching "The Brief" like so:

Alan Davies (Bob & Rose) stars as Henry Farmer, a criminal barrister engaged in an ongoing fight for justice in the courtroom. Henry's life is dominated by chaos and he is left with a huge workload, debt and alimony payments to meet, and all this while he is in love with the wife of a prominent politician who won't leave her husband for him! The Brief is an engaging blend of courtroom drama, suspense, intrigue and humour. Created by Ted Childs (Inspector Morse).

There will be four 90 minute episodes.

Alan Davies will be on telly tonight 16th April on the Jonathan Ross show at 22:35 hrs GMT BBC1.

Win Jonathan Creek on DVD with the Radio Times

The Radio Times is currently running a survey, and if you complete the survey you'll be entered into a prize draw to win the Jonathan Creek DVD season one and two boxset.

11 February 2003

Alan comes to the West End

In August this year Alan trod the board at the Edinburgh Festival in a played called Auntie & Me written by X-files regular Morris Panych. Originally called Vigil in Panych's native Canada, Auntie & Me, is an award winning play about a man visiting the death bed of his estranged aunt - but she won't die. It's an absurd, tender and very, very funny play complete with surprise plot twists and terrible weather. Alan's co-star will be Margaret Tyzack.

The West End run started on the 10th January 2003 at the Wyndham's Theatre in London. Performance times are:

  • Monday - Friday 8pm
  • Wed 3pm
  • Sat 6pm & 8.30pm

Tickets are priced at:

  • Stalls £37.50, £29.50, £20.00
  • Royal Circle £37.50, 29.50, £20.00
  • Grand Circle £25.00, £20.00
  • Balcony £15.00
  • Boxes £29.50
  • Standing £8.00
  • Schools Groups: 10+ £12.50 Mon-Thurs eves and Wed
  • Groups: 10+ £25 Mon-Thurs eves and Wed mats

Box Office 020 7369 1736
Ticketmaster 0870 534 4444 24hr cc bkg fee
Ticketselect 0870 899 3339 24hr cc bkg fee

20 July 2002

Alan treads the boards for the first time

Alan is to take on the role of Kemp in the hit black comedy play Auntie & Me. Alan's first theatrical role is a play written by X-files regular Morris Panych. Originally called Vigil in his native Canada, Auntie & Me, is Panych's award winning play about a man visiting the death bed of his estranged aunt - but she won't die. It's an absurd, tender and very, very funny play complete with surprise plot twists and terrible weather.

Alan's co-star is veteran stage actress, Marcia Warren. She was awarded the first Gold Medal from the Guildhall School and in 1986 an Olivier Award for her performance as Vera in Stepping Out. She was nominated for another Olivier in 2000 for IN FLAME by Charlotte Jones (which was directed by Anna Mackmin, who is also directing Auntie & Me) and won again this year for her acclaimed performance in Jones's new play Humble Boy.

The play is to be shown at "Assembly" from 2 to 26 August (not 7, 13, or 20) at this years Edinburgh festival. For tickets call the box office on 0131-226-2428.

5 February 2002

Alan has new agent

After months of being agentless Alan finally finds himself a new agent.

Michael Foster
4 Great Portland Street
Tel: 020 7436 6700

Alan finds love

The Daily Mirror has recently reported that Alan has found new love with his new Creek co-star, Julia Sawalha.

Alan's secret Gigs

Alan is doing some small gigs in a pub in Islington in order to get back into the swing of things. Please see the link below for more information.

15 May 2001

Alan's new show for ITV

Alan is currently filming a new series for ITV called Bob & Rose. Alan plays Bob, a gay man who falls in love with a woman! Rose is played by Lesley Sharp. Jessica Stephenson, better known for co-writing and starring in Spaced also stars in the show as Bob's best friend, Holly. It's written by Russell T. Davies, who also wrote Queer as Folk.

The show is made by Red Productions, who have made Clocking Off and the acclaimed series Queer as Folk.

Filming of the six, one-hour long episodes is due to finish on the 17th June, and hopes are high for an autumn broadcast date.

Alan leaves Agent

Alan is currently agentless after parting ways with International Artistes.

1 December 2000

Celebrity Auction for Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) are holding a celebrity auction from 1st December to 11 December 2000 to raise money for their numerous projects. Alan has donated a signed tie for the event. If you fancy owning this tie, and want to find out more, visit the WDCS web site at

17 June 2000

Alan's upcoming TV appearances

Alan will be on This Morning on Monday 19 June, The Priory on Tuesday 20 June , and TFI Friday on Friday 23 June.

Stand-up with Alan Davies

Stand-up with Alan Davies, is a new three-part documentary series which Alan filmed last year whilst on tour. He interviews other famous comedians about what drives them to make people laugh. The series starts on Monday 19th June.

A Many Splintered Thing starts in June

A Many Splintered Thing, Alan's latest six-part comedy series starts on Tuesday 27 June on BBC1. Based on the pilot shown in December 1998, the series was commissioned for a series and was filmed earlier in the year.

Curly locks cut short

Article taken from the Sun Newspaper, copyright belongs to themAlan has recently been seen sporting a new look. The hair style which has made him a household name has been cut for a film role he's doing. The film is called "Dog eat Dog". Alan says his hair still gets the, "full Jackson five effects after washing it". Alan has a cameo in the film as do Melanie Blatt and Gary Kemp. The main lead is Mark Tonderai who co-wrote the script with the director of the film, Moody Shoabi. The film is being made by Tiger Aspect for FilmFour.

Morrisey takes up the plow

Alan has recently turned down a part in the west end play "Speed the Plow". The part has since gone to Neil Morrisey.

24 April 2000

A Many Splintered Thing Update

Alan has now finished filming for this new series. A pilot was shown in December 1998, and was quickly commissioned for a six-part series. It's due to air on BBC1 starting week beginning 12th June 2000. Alan plays Russell Stone, a musician whose agent can only get him dog food commercials. In the pilot Russell had an affair while his wife was away visiting her mother. The series co-stars Victor McGuire, famous for his roles in Bread and Good Night Sweetheart. All six episodes are directed by Sandy Johnson, who has also directed episodes of Jonathan Creek. Ian Jackson the cameraman & James Baylan, costume designer for the series have also worked on Jonathan Creek.

Stand-up Alan Davies

A series of three documentaries have been filmed and should finally air on BBC1 on Monday's starting on 19th June 2000, despite being ready since last October. Alan talks to 12 famous stand-up comics whist on tour himself. By all accounts this will be a great mini documentary series.

Alan Does Shakespeare?

Alan was asked to do a BBC drama called Happy Birthday Shakespeare, however he was on tour at the time, so the part went to Neil Morrisey.

Alan Does Oscar Wilde?

Alan has been asked to play Oscar Wilde on the stage - he's thinking about it, as he'd like to do a good play.

Alan on the big screen?

Alan has had a couple of meetings about possible big screen film projects. Don't know much more, but he is keen to do something different. Here's hoping eh?